Water Utility Services: City of Waco

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The City of Waco’s Water Utility Services Department was established in 1912 and serves people in Central Texas. It works to protect public health through quality management of water and wastewater systems.


– Connect and maintain water and sanitary sewer mains
– Inspect and treat water and wastewater for safety and quality
– Conducts over 5,000 water quality tests each year
– Handles over 100,000 customer inquiries every year

Department Summary:

– Over 200 employees in twelve divisions
– Uses Dissolved Air Floatation to deliver water that is safe and tastes great
– Recycles materials from wastewater treatment into nutrient-rich soil amendment

Fun Fact:

If they were arranged in a straight line our water pipes would stretch all the way to Chicago and our wastewater pipes would stretch all the way to Denver.