On The Job: Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Plant

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Have you ever wondered how the different City of Waco departments serve residents day to day? Now you can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look through our “On The Job” video series!

The team at the Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Plant walk us through a few steps in the treatment process. The DAF Plant is the first step in Waco’s water treatment process, taking water directly from Lake Waco and using air to force sludge and algae to float to the top of the basins. It is then scraped off by the skimmer and the plant continues to use ozone to neutralize any additional bacteria or contaminants. The water then goes on to further treatment at either of the two water treatment plants in Waco.

The staff at the DAF work hard daily to keep Waco’s water get ready to make it to your taps!