Census 2020 Video (Spanish)

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Yes to Census 2020! The 2020 Census only happens every 10 years and takes only 5-10 minutes to fill out, depending on the size of your household. The census data is used to support disaster recovery, road improvements, school lunches, Medicaid, Medicare, and SNAP and over 130 other programs. Waco-McLennan County could miss out on over $15,000 per person not counted and your response cannot be shared with anyone. In fact, they’re even protected by law from other branches of government. The census can be filled out online at my2020census.gov, by phone or by mail. Beginning March 12, say Yes to what belongs to you. Yes to education. Yes to better streets. Yes to public safety, Yes to representation. Yes to Waco & McLennan County.

Visit whyicountwaco.org for more information